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About US Rehab Network

The US Rehab Network was created by David Greene, MD, MBA, to provide education, resources and connections to those suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Not only does this involve the individual suffering, but family and friends as well. Addiction derails lives and may spiral out of control. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  

Dr. Greene identified over 50 addiction treatment centers nationwide that perform exceptional work for patients, resulting in success rates well above the national averages for inpatient, outpatient and long term. All are now part of the US Rehab Network, and have agreed to accept all private PPO, HMO and EPO plans!  

“We are facing a life or death situation in America with the levels of drug and alcohol addiction. US Rehab Network offers individuals the best rehab options so they choose life, and continue to choose life every day!”  

As drug and alcohol addiction have reached epidemic proportions, it is critical to offer first rate resources so patients can regain their lives with gainful employment, connected families and sober friends.  

Our Centers are Nationwide, Private, Inpatient and Cost Little to Nothing Out of Pocket! Call us today for a confidential consultation and a 10 minute insurance verification.

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