There is no way to get catapulted into recovery if you are a drug or alcohol user. The fact that you realize you have a problem and are looking at treatment options is a great leap in itself. The next phase of the de-addiction journey needs medical supervision and expert care as your body learns to survive without drugs or alcohol. No matter how much your family and friends love you; they are not trained to handle situations that may arise in the recovery process. The best inpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs at centers in the US Rehab Network have been designed to overcome various addictions and start recovery.

Withdrawal symptoms that follow once the person stops taking alcohol or drugs can be tricky to handle. At inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers at US Rehab Network, the detoxification is conducted under medical supervision of physicians and health professionals. The staff is appropriately trained to take care of people entering the de-addiction process.

Access to drug/alcohol
It is important to block access to drugs or alcohol during the first phase of de-addiction. There is no way to access drugs or alcohol at inpatient rehab centers, in the US Rehab Network that a person may be tempted to use if s/he were on the outside. Your contact to friends and family is limited, so that you can focus on the rehabilitation process. After a specified time, rehabs in the US Rehab Network not only let you meet them but they are also involved in the counseling process to help you on your onward journey to full recovery.

Structured Program
Inpatient programs at alcohol and drug rehabs in the US Rehab Network have a structured plan to help the person overcome addiction. The programs often focus on building the necessary psychological and social skills to cope with life situations constructively rather than resort to drugs or alcohol. This cannot be achieved effectively at home. That is why it makes sense to seek an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program in the US Rehab Network so that you can get back to a healthy, happy life.