It can be hard to know where to turn or how to take the first step when it comes to rehabilitation for alcohol or drug addiction. If you’ve already looked yourself for rehab centers and programs in Arizona, it can be quite daunting as there are so many and each with their own specialties. You may know or it may take a professional to tell you, the type of treatment that best suits your particular addiction needs. Some of the types include detox (detoxification), in-patient (facility) and long-term treatment (residence). If you have family, friends or loved ones in Arizona, it can be advantageous to lean on them for support during the process of your drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

While drug use and abuse tend to take center stage, as recently as 2015, AZ was ranked 4th in the U.S. for most alcohol poisoning deaths. This may come as a shock to some as, comparatively speaking, Arizona ranks 14th in overall U.S. population. No matter if it’s an addiction to hard or recreational drugs and/or alcohol, we can help you locate rehab centers in any part of Arizona. Once you’ve found the clinic that works for you, they can assist with mapping out the right alcohol or drug rehabilitation program that will provide consistent treatment while supporting the actions that are needed to overcome an addiction.

When you think of drug or alcohol dependency and addiction, it’s common to assume that those affected are adults that are in their twenties or older. Alarmingly, in a 2011 survey, the CDC reported Arizona #1 in youth binge drinking and drug use. This is cause for concern as these youth are now older and if still addicted, can put a strain on rehab centers and treatment programs throughout the state. Not only that, ensuring the time and care needed for each case is paramount in order to achieve the best outcome. With so many addicted, some may be inclined to avoid treatment because others they know aren’t participating or encourage them to continue their drug and/or alcohol use. Still others may search themselves for a drug rehab clinic but not have family support or the will to take the first steps needed to begin a detox program. US Rehab Network was created to help Arizona youth like these, as well as adults, who want to overcome their alcohol or substance addiction and live a happy and healthy life.

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Phoenix: By far the largest city in Arizona, Phoenix has seen a sharp rise in recent years with prescription drug and heroin abuse. Most heroin use and addiction will typically begin with the legal use of prescription drugs with experts estimating as high as 75% start this way. Many believe that the ease of availability comes into play for those living in Phoenix as they can get their fix quickly due to the relatively short distance from Mexico. Location, size and vast freeway network allow the city to be a drug corridor and one of the largest distribution hubs in the entire United States. Though Arizona permits medical marijuana use, the state in late 2016 voted against recreation marijuana use and thus, demand from Mexico for this “gateway” drug will continue and give cartels increased reason to expand their heavy trafficking through Phoenix. Local rehab and detox centers are peppered throughout the large expanse of Phoenix and provide vital treatment services and programs to those that have been affected by the large flow of drugs through the valley.


Tucson: Only 65 miles from the border with Mexico, Tucson is a major distribution center for all types of drugs. There are vast areas of open desert and national forests which surround the city and are used by traffickers to transport their cargo to major interstates and highways. Although in recent years the majority of Tucson drug trafficking analysis showed marijuana, each year larger amounts of crystallline methamphetamine, prescription pills, heroin and other illicit drugs make their way through the city on the way to their final destination. This could be due in part to the relaxing of US laws with Marijuana in some states or the increased demand of high grade Mexican methamphetamine. While Tucson is obviously a major route for drug smuggling and distribution, the city also has an assortment of rehabilitation centers to help those who are addicted and want to beat their alcoholism or drug dependency and regain their livelihood.


Mesa: An expansive city that borders Phoenix from the east, Mesa, AZ has seen it’s own share of alcohol and drug related statistics. Though not as common as marijuana, meth, cocaine and heroin, in recent years the city of Mesa reported newer drug substances such as Krokodil, “Spice” and “Bath Salts”. These highly-addictive and synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous and can cause death, skin rot (Krokodil) as well as serious mental issues and loss of memory from blackouts (Spice). In some cases, Mesa residents with these newer types of drug addiction would need to have specific rehabilitation and treatment programs that were only developed/researched recently given the short span these drugs have been in circulation.


Glendale: Located in the northwest of the Valley, Glendale, AZ is one of the largest cities in the state and like Phoenix, has seen a drastic climb in prescription opioid drug and heroin abuse in the last 5 years. According to a survey conducted by Arizona State University (ASU) with new prison inmates, the increased use of opiates and prescription pain killers has been seen in areas that used to not have a problem with crime. In other words, the drug abuse and addiction in Glendale is spreading to many new areas of the populace and different types of residents who would not commonly be caught up in crime or addiction. Even though statistics in surveys do show this increase, Glendale has a large selection of substance abuse therapists and treatment facilities for residents who want to take the first step on their way to recovery.


Gilbert: A unique and relatively large city on the eastern side of the Valley, Gilbert is made up of mostly housing communities and standard shopping and dining. With a very low crime rate, a large Mormon population and very upfront and active police force, this city maintains a low level of drug and alcohol addiction compared to other Arizona cities. Although the numbers are lower than other surrounding cities, there is still drug and alcohol use as well as abuse happening in Gilbert and particularly increasing in the younger population. According to the Statistical Analysis Center and their Gilbert Youth Substance Trends, teens and young adults are the most likely to take drugs or consume alcohol from friends or at parties. This is quite a common avenue of encouraged consumption and usually can continue through college and for years after into their adult life. Depending on the individual, they may become addicted simply from being pressured originally at a party, club or social gathering and then require a lengthy detoxification or in-patient treatment.


Chandler: While it was just a small city until the mid 1990’s, Chandler quickly grew to a large supporting city of the Valley due to affordable new housing during the real estate boom. Though Chandler borders Gilbert, it doesn’t share the same statistics of lower alcohol and drug consumption compared to other Arizona cities. In fact, less than 2 years ago (2015), statistics showed that Chandler youth had a higher RX drug use then the state average with 7.6% reporting use in the last 30 days versus 6.3% statewide. Even more shocking than this statistic is that 1 in 8 of these Chandler youth who have abused prescription drugs are in elementary school and almost 3/4 of the total percentage are too young to drive. Data shows that these individuals would get the drugs from friends, family or right out of their home medicine cabinet. In terms of adult abuse, those aged 45-54 have experienced the highest increase in RX drug abuse in Chandler and some may look for cheaper options which can lead them to full heroin (black tar or powder) addiction that is either smoked or injected.


Scottsdale: What makes Scottsdale unique from other Arizona cities is simple: Old Town Scottsdale. Old Town, as locals call it, is comprised of tourist shops, clever eateries, fine dining, Fashion Square Mall, clubs and many bars. This area is known to have a large concentration of DUIs and drug-related offenses that occur from the nightlife and party atmosphere. North Scottsdale experiences some of the alcohol attributes but doesn’t have the same concentration of bars and currently no clubs of significance. Scottsdale as a whole receives many visitors from other states, some of which are called “snow birds” (stay or live for a portion of the year in one place and the rest in another place) and has a significantly older population from other cities in the Valley. Though there are a large number of bars, clubs and other related nightlife in Scottsdale, there is also a significant number of rehabilitation centers spread throughout the city and ready to help recovering addicts or those that are seeking treatment for the first time. The mild winter weather and hot summers can be attractive to individuals suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and looking for a long term residence therapy plan.


Tempe: The “party” town of Arizona as many refer to it. Tempe, AZ is a unique city that is home to Arizona State University, the 6th largest college (enrollment) in the United States. Mill Avenue is a hot spot for college attendees and locals alike to socialize, party, drink alcohol and consume various types of drugs. Though drug use is notable, drinking and alcoholism tend to make up the brunt of issues that plague Tempe residents and students alike. There are many rehab facilities and detox centers conveniently located close to the ASU campus and interspersed throughout the entire city. These clinics are designed to serve the casual consumer as well as the hardened drug or alcohol addict of many years. No matter if it’s PCP, meth or ice, ecstasy, “Molly” or MDMA, Cocaine, Crack, Special K, heroin, marijuana or other types of drugs, addicts can rest assured the rehab programs are carefully crafted to help them overcome these serious health risks and concerns.


Peoria: Situated in the northwest of the Valley, Peoria, AZ is a smaller city but still has its own plague of alcohol and drug-related offenses and addiction. While not as large or growing as some of the other Arizona cities, Peoria still provides ample rehabilitation centers and treatment clinics for residents who have moderate to serious addiction. If you live in or visit Peoria, Us Rehab Network can help to assist your road to finding the best alcohol or drug rehab center. Getting the correct diagnosis and path to recovery can help build your confidence, not only in the program prescribed, but also in your ability to overcome your addiction.


Surprise: A smaller Arizona city situated northwest of Peoria and Glendale, Surprise is slower paced and more relaxed than other central cities. Don’t let this small town atmosphere fool you though, Surprise still has its own issues of serious drug and alcohol abuse as well as trafficking. Just like other major cities in AZ, Surprise has an epidemic with heroin and opioid abuse with law enforcement requesting citizens to help them in their fight to stave the trend and flow of these destructive drugs. While not having all the luxuries of central cities, Surprise still has the resources and rehab centers to assist residents who have serious or moderate drug and alcohol conditions/addictions.

US Rehab Network will help give you guidance with affordable Arizona treatment assistance in the following categories
– Twelve step programs where others are in a similar situation as yours
– In-patient and out-patient suggested treatment centers for alcoholism and addiction
– Drug rehab and treatment for Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, Opiates (Prescription/RX), Marijuana, MDMD or “Molly”, Crack, PCP, Morphine, Valium, etc.
– Detox (Detoxification) facilities and treatment
– Best local rehab options for your particular addiction/s

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