California Addiction Statistics

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in California, but contrary to popular belief, California is not even among the top ten states in marijuana use. Most marijuana is imported from Mexico or Canada or grown locally using complex indoor hydroponic systems. Marijuana is legal for medicinal use only in California, but marijuana has also been decriminalized.
Most medical treatment for substance dependence in California is for heroin and methamphetamine. Most meth is imported from Mexico or created in small laboratories in rural parts of the state. A new from of heroin that can be snorted is becoming popular among youths and proves to be particularly addicting. Club drugs such as Ecstasy, LSD, and PCP are popular in certain parts of California – namely Los Angeles and other densely populated areas. Cocaine is also popular in LA and San Francisco and is imported through LA from Mexico and Central and South America.

Around 50% of Californians drink alcohol while 15% exhibit problem drinking such as binge drinking. This is slightly lower than the national average.

California has slightly higher rates of eating disorders than the national average, with about twice as many women affected than men.
Rates of gambling addiction are slightly lower than the national average. Other rates of behavioral disorders do not differ dramatically from the national norm. There are addiction treatment canters in California that also treat a variety of behavioral disorders, including sexual, gambling, video game, and shopping addictions.
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