Drug Withdrawal

1306, 2019

Common Triggers Recovering Addicts Face

Addicts in early recovery face a seemingly endless list of triggers because the memories of drug and alcohol use are recent and familiar. As time goes by, the list of triggers that could send an addict into relapse begins to recede.


Still, some of those triggers are extremely persistent. I recall back when I was a […]

2811, 2018

How To Tell If Someone Is Sniffing Cocaine

Cocaine use disorder is a serious health issue. If you suspect cocaine abuse by someone you care about, here is how you can find out:


Tell-tale findings

First of all, you may find curled up dollar bills lying around. This is because cocaine is done primarily by snorting up the nose, and users do it with the […]

2509, 2018

Management for Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance abuse refers to the abuse of more than one drug at once. It includes abusing illicit drugs as well as prescription medications.


In some cases, it may be inadvertent, such as combining prescription meds with each other or taken with alcohol. It is imperative for the doctor to educate patients on their use. In addition, […]

708, 2018

How Long Does Drug Detox Take

Addictive substances are everywhere, in fact, many of the pain medications doctors prescribe on the wards are highly addictive and have the same mechanism of action as heroin found on the streets. As such there a number of different substance people can become addicted to. These include:


Opiates like codeine, heroin or fentanyl

404, 2018

Does Addiction Rehabilitation Really Work?

Although addiction recovery is a journey that affects people very differently, it’s true to say that a great many people will go on to beat their addiction. Having the right professional support is paramount. If you have concerns about therapy or specialized treatments, understand that success depends on many factors, but it does give everyone […]

104, 2018

Friendships and Addiction – Therapy May Be Your New Support System

An addiction can have an overwhelming effect on your life. But, it affects others too. Close family and friends will also feel the negative aspects of addictive behavior and, there are always consequences if your life starts to spiral out of control. You may think that you are in control of any substance abuse but, […]

2112, 2017

What are the Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disorder that is characterized by compulsive behavior despite the harmful consequences that it may have. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to many physical, psychological, and social problems. Not only will the behavior result in health-related issues, but it will affect relationships with family members and friends […]

2302, 2016

How Drug Withdrawal is Managed – Info from US Rehab Network

How to Manage Drug Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal consists in abnormal physiological or psychological reactions to the discontinuation or reduction of taking a certain recreational drug or medication.

The most common withdrawal symptoms are: sweating, palpitation, anxiety, tremors, nausea, vomiting, irritability, headaches, muscle tension and depression followed by social isolation.

Some uncommon and dangerous withdrawal symptoms are: strokes, hallucinations, […]

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