Drug addiction and alcoholism can lead to serious health conditions, suffering and strain on individuals including their family and friends. Do you currently have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and don’t know what to do or who to call in Florida? If this is the case, it’s important for you to find a treatment facility which can give you the proper program to overcome your addiction.

Whether you are looking for a local clinic or just a consultation to start, US Rehab Network can help you locate the best drug rehab centers and doctors not only in Florida but nationally as well. It’s not uncommon for a patient to choose a different state for their addiction treatment. This could be due to them wanting a fresh start or to escape temptation from friends and/or even family who may encourage or tempt them to fall back into a rut with alcohol or drug abuse.

You are not alone. Once you begin your outreach for rehabilitation in Florida, you’ll learn there are a number of treatment options such as counseling and detox. You may only need outpatient counseling in order to get back on the right track with your life. On the other hand, you could be severely addicted to hard drugs like methamphetamine or heroin and require a detoxification program and then move on to a long-term residential treatment plan. In some cases an in-patient treatment program and regimen is required for those battling alcohol abuse or drug relapsing who need supervision with daily counseling and therapy. Whatever your specific condition may be in Florida, US Rehab network can help direct you to the best rehab centers and doctors with the goal of your full recovery in mind.

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Having almost twice the population as the next most major Florida city, Jacksonville covers over 840 square miles which makes it the largest city in the entire United States. According to data resources that were conducted in 2007, the city has a median age of 36 which makes it the youngest of all major Florida cities. It could be a coincidence with the young population or not but as recently as the summer of 2016, a drug overdose epidemic is hitting Jacksonville and not from familiar drugs. The culprit is called “fentanyl” and is said to be 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more than morphine. This synthetic pain reliever can be a lethal killer when it is cut with heroin or sold as heroin. Given the potency, its addiction would also be severe for users making their consideration of rehab or detox a harder choice. Not only for users, doctors at rehabilitation centers are having to devise new treatment regimens that are unique to this extremely powerful and deadly drug.


One of the most iconic and photographed cities in America, Miami is a culturally-diverse port city of Florida and a major destination for travelers around the world. While being a picturesque setting and ideal climate, Miami also has a dark side with drug use, abuse and trafficking. In fact, this beach city is one of the main narcotics hubs and destinations on the whole east coast. With so much availability of all types of drugs, Miami drug abuse is at an epidemic level. What is even more alarming is that the city reported that 4 in 5 new heroin users started with prescription drugs. While heroin and prescription pills continue to be the dangerous drug of choice, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana and “molly” (MDMA) make up a good remaining portion of the common choices of drug addicts or recreational users. Though some of this statistical information can be daunting, on the other hand, Miami has a flourishing drug rehabilitation offering that many who are addicted flock to. From rehab centers located on the beach to new facilities with specialized doctors, this city can offer the user help in their drug or alcohol addiction. It may be that you are looking for a support group, a twelve step meeting or something more serious such as detoxification. You can find help in Miami for your particular addictions and US Rehab Network looks forward to referring you in the right direction.


Florida’s third largest city in terms of population, Tampa is known for having the largest port in the state and which handles more than 40% of all incoming freight. Tampa, like Miami is another hub for trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs, mostly in part because of its major port of entry. The city is known for its bay which is only a few feet deep in most places. While one can expect high rates of drug addiction and crime, a 2012 study showed that high school student alcohol consumption was higher than cigarettes and marijuana. To reach this statistic, these underage individuals would have had to have a very easy means to acquire alcohol as none would be the legal age of 21. Starting at such a young age and with consistent abuse, such as binge drinking, can lead to addiction quickly. These Tampa youth who start will likely not realize their dependency until it is a serous concern and this could be in part because their friends are also using and encouraging this lifestyle to continue. With a lowering of inhibitions through alcohol, it could be assumed that the Tampa students would also engage in various drug which could potentially lead to multiple addictions. Any time an individual has more than one addiction, it can make their rehabilitation last longer and be more difficult should they decide to seek treatment at a health center.


Home to Disneyworld and NASA, Orlando is a large Florida city that is a major destination for those to visit from all over the world. With a mild climate and affordable housing, Orlando is a prime location for families to settle down and call home. Though it is a land-locked city, Orlando and central Florida are major drug trafficking hubs. This is likely due in part to the city having so many highways that intersect through it from major port locations. While it can be expected that the rate of drug abuse would be high in Orlando, a major cause for concern is the surge in fake IDs to fill demand of underage drinking. Like other Florida cities, Orlando is experiencing an epidemic of underage alcohol consumption and these teens are taking drastic measures to get it on their own by having fake IDs made or acquiring the liquor, beer or wine from friends or family.


Located on Florida’s gulf coast, St. Petersburg (“Burg” or “St. Pete” as many lovingly call it) offers residents and visitors year round tropical weather which allows the city to host over 1000 annual events and festivals. This city holds the Guinness World Record for most sunny days in a row (“786). So much sun and nice weather can often give reason for individuals to drink or abuse drugs more which can lead to addiction. On the other side of the coin, the mild and sunny weather could inspire drug and alcohol abusers to move from colder climates to St. Petersburg, seeking therapy or drug rehab at one of the many facilities located throughout the city. Some people prefer the milder beaches on the gulf side of Florida then the sometimes-overpopulated tourist destination beach city’s on the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever the case, the sunny oceanfront city of St. Petersburg is a prime location for rehab centers to treat those suffering addiction as well as long-term residential rehabilitation programs.


It’s Indian name meaning “High Prairie”, Hialeah is a multi-cultural city with the old slogan “all ways lead to Hialeah”. This is still true to this day as most Florida major freeways (I-95, I-75, Florida Turnpike and Expressways) lead through this bustling city. A unique characteristic of Hialeah is the large Cuban population that reside here. Currently, Cubans and Cuban Americans make up 74% of the total population. Positioned northwest from Miami, this city is part of Dade County and experiences much of the similar narcotics trafficking from close sea ports. The intersecting of major highways provides convenient transportation to other hub destinations as well. With so many drugs passing through the city, it’s not a surprising that in the 2012-2013 school year, Hileah high school was 9th highest in drug use for South Florida. If you are addicted to drugs/alcohol or know someone who is in Hileah, US Rehab Network can help you find treatment at a rehab center in town, throughout the state of Florida or nationwide. Don’t let your addiction run or ruin your life. There is help waiting for you, all that is needed is your first step in that direction. We can help refer you to a clinic for therapy or a doctor who can prescribe the best detox program for you.


With summer temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees, Tallahassee is one of the hottest places in the whole state of Florida. Interestingly enough, it’s also one of the coldest cities in the state during the winter with temperatures hitting a record -2 degrees in 1899 during a blizzard. Speaking of snow, Tallahassee only gets a measurable amount of it once every 17 or so years. The city police department is the 3rd oldest in United States. Unlike other sister cities in Florida, drug abuse in Tallahassee is trending down. The trend is not just in adults but also students and youth. There are various opinions to the drop in drug use for Tallahassee residents. It could be a better education of the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse or it could be great rehabilitation programs in the city which have been helping those once addicted to recover and move on in a healthier lifestyle of sobriety. Either way, it’s a positive example of individuals choosing to not use narcotics and instead remain sober while enjoying their life in a deeper way.


A noted party town on the beach, Fort Lauderdale is a destination for those who enjoy the nightlife, beach activities, fine dining, shopping and tourist attractions. With such an appetite for local clubs and nightlife, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a large consumption of alcohol and drugs by residents and visitors alike. In fact, Fort Lauderdale is the epicenter of flakka cases. Flakka is a new type of synthetic stimulant drug with a chemical name of “alpha-PVP”. Some puzzle why Fort Lauderdale would have such a high concentration of flakka users but it could be in part because of a recent major crackdown in prescription pill mills that left a void and allowed a new drug to take the place. Flakka is not the only drug to plague Fort Lauderdale and this can be expected because the party atmosphere encourages common drug consumption such as molly, ecstasy, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, meth, black tar heroin, LSD and many others. If you or a loved one suffer addiction to any of these drugs or alcoholism, US Rehab Network can make finding a rehab center a breeze and get you on the path to a full recovery. Overcome your addiction by taking the first step and learning about therapy, detox, treatment and rehabilitation programs that are conveniently located throughout Fort Lauderdale and in other Florida cities.


Another major Florida city that sits on the Gulf Coast, Cape Coral is noted as having the most navigable waterways in the world with over 400 miles of canals. With so many waterways, it’s common to secure a home with waterfront living. Mild temperatures and water views make this city a prime destination for “Snowbirds” who stay seasonally and then return to their northern state for the remainder of each year. While it’s a great place to visit and live, according to a 2009 survey, Cape Coral area topped the state for prescription drug abuse. The survey was conducted on students and 12.1% reported abusing pain killers.These prescription pill types included oxycodone, roxycodones, Percocet and Vicodin. While pill popping is a serious dilemma, alcohol consumption in Cape Coral is too. Nice weather, beach and waterways give a lot of reason for parties and outdoor excursions that can involve binge drinking which can cause addiction. US Rehab Network can help refer you to a Cape Coral treatment facility or put you in touch with a counselor or therapy group. These professionals are experienced in knowing what is right for your unique case; whether it be meetings, counseling, detoxing or in-patient assistance at a local rehab center.


Lovingly referred to as the “Diamond of the Gold Coast” of FL, Hollywood is just a 25 minute drive from Miami and only 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. Port Everglades is situated in the city and each year, almost 6000 ships call to port here making it one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. This port also handles container cargo and is the 12th busiest in the nation. As expected with other Florida port cities, Hollywood is a vital artery to the drug trafficking organizations who ship their products in from mainly South American states. With such a large amount of drugs being transported through, availability for product and crime go with it and thus support a 2013 statistic showing Hollywood had more homicides than any other Broward County city. Even though there has been significant crime and ongoing narcotics trafficking, residents of Hollywood who may be addicted to drugs or drinking alcohol can still seek and receive treatment from a large number of local rehab centers.

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