Missouri Addiction Statistics

Crack cocaine is the most problematic drug in Missouri, particularly in the urban areas. Methamphetamine is also common. The meth that is used in Missouri is either produced locally in labs located in the rural areas of the state or imported from Mexico. Heroin use is more common in Missouri than in some other states, mostly in forms that are imported from Mexico.
Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Missouri and use has increased significantly in recent years. However, marijuana use rates are still significantly lower than the rest of the country, partially due to their strict marijuana laws. Marijuana is illegal in Missouri for both medicinal and recreational use. Only 5.5% of residents report using marijuana in the past month, which is significantly lower than the national rate of almost 20%.

About 52% of adult Missouri residents drink alcohol regularly, which is slightly lower than national rates of drinking. In keeping with that trend, only 16% of Missouri residents reported binge drinking five or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting in the past month, whereas the national rate is 24%.
Only 35% of high school students in Missouri have had at least one alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days, compared with 39% nationally.

Approximately 3.4% of Missouri residents are diagnosed with an eating disorder, which is slightly higher than the national average. Over twice as many women are diagnosed as men.
Missouri does not have other behavioral disorder rates that differ significantly from the rest of the nation.
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