Montana Addiction Statistics

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Montana. The majority of marijuana in Montana comes to the state from Mexico, though it is grown in small amounts in rural areas of the state. Marijuana use among high school students in Montana is about on par with national rates, though the age of first use is unusually low. Marijuana is legal in Montana for medicinal use only.
Methamphetamine use is increasing in Montana, though meth laboratory seizures have been decreasing in the past few years. Due to the very rural nature of the state, meth labs are able to go undetected and meth is available in many parts of Montana.
Cocaine is a serious problem among youth, while crack cocaine is a problem on Native American reservations. Heroin use is not significant in Montana. Ecstasy is used in small amounts by college students in the major city centers of Montana.

Montana has the number one rate of alcohol abuse and dependence in the country at 9.86% of residents. About 60% of Montanans drink alcohol at least once per month, which is four points higher than national rates. Montana has the third highest rates of alcohol-related deaths in the country.
Montana also has the lowest age of first alcohol use at only 14 years, as well as some of the highest rates of alcohol use among youths. However, the underage alcohol use rates in Montana have been decreasing steadily over the past few years.

Montana does not have rates of behavioral disorders that differ significantly from national averages.
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