Nebraska Addiction Statistics

Marijuana is the most used drug in Nebraska, though rates of use are significantly lower than the rest of the country. Large indoor hydroponic systems and outdoor growing operations are common in Nebraska. Only a quarter of high school students reported ever having used marijuana in their lifetimes, which is very low compared with the national rates of 40%. Marijuana has been decriminalized for first offenses only and is illegal for both medicinal and recreational use.
Methamphetamine is the most problematic drug in Nebraska. Large amounts of meth are imported from Mexico and other countries, but meth laboratories in rural areas produce the product on a large scale as well.
Crack cocaine is concentrated in urban regions of Nebraska, but it is used at lower rates than methamphetamine. Heroin is not commonly used in Nebraska.

Around 60% of Nebraskans drink alcohol at least once per month, higher than the rate of 56% nationally. However, rates of binge drinking are lower than the country average at 17% compared with 24% nationally. Rates of death due to alcohol poisoning are also slightly lower than average.
Rates of underage drinking are significantly lower than the national rates – only 27% of high school students reported drinking alcohol in the past month compared with 39% nationally. Rates of binge drinking and drinking in Nebraskans age 13 or younger are also lower than average.

Nebraska does not have rates of behavioral disorders that differ significantly from national averages.
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