Nevada Addiction Statistics

Methamphetamine is the most problematic drug in Nevada, so much so that rates of use surpass even that of marijuana. Meth is imported from other states as well as produced in small home laboratories.
Cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin are used throughout the state. Most of these drugs are trafficked in from Mexico and use in concentrated around the southern region and Las Vegas. Club drugs including Ecstasy, GHB, and LSD are very popular in nightclubs and raves in Las Vegas.
Marijuana is frequently grown in outdoor areas of Nevada, but use is not particularly higher than average. Marijuana is decriminalized in Nevada for people over 21 years of age and classified as a misdemeanor for those under 21. It is legal for medicinal use.

About 58% of Nevadans have at least one drink per month, which is similar to national rates. However, only 18% of Nevadans reported binge drinking in the past month, compared with 24% nationally. Heavy drinking was right on par with the national rate at 6.8% of Nevada residents reporting drinking an average of two or more alcoholic beverages per day.
Alcohol use among underage drinkers, including binge drinking, is consistently slightly lower than the national average.

Despite being the home of Las Vegas, the gambling hub of the western United States, Nevada does not have significantly higher rates of problem gambling than the rest of the country. About 2.7% of Nevada residents exhibit problem gambling or gambling addiction. However, gambling revenue in Nevada is the third highest in the country.
Nevada has slightly elevated rates of eating disorders with 3.4% of residents being affected. Twice as many women are diagnosed with an eating disorder as men.
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