There’s been a lot of buzz in recent days in regards to the new health bill. Some news outlets are saying the bill would cut access to treatment (

Michael Botticelli, Obama’s director of National Drug Control Policy, said the Republican bill that is up for consideration reduces access for substance (drugs or alcohol) addiction treatment. Michael went on to say, “People need access to high-quality, comprehensive health care if they’re really going to deal with these issues.”

At such a time when most of states in America are showing dramatic statistical increases in drug and alcohol addiction, most would agree more funding and access should be made in order to provide opportunity for those ready to seek treatment.

On top of a new bill that could limit adequate treatment, also in the news lately, there have been numerous rehab facilities closing their doors ( for good. If this closure trend sweeping the US doesn’t stop soon, there will be too few clinics which can properly assist patients in their various phases of addiction.

In conclusion, it’s imperative that the country as a whole opens their eyes to the massive spread of opiates (pills, heroin) and methamphetamine which is having a terrible impact on our population. Most agree that this should be met with unhampered funding along with enough treatment centers to give quality services to those in need. With these steps taken, the crushing wave of this epidemic should be greatly reduced to a splash.