New York Addiction Statistics

Most of the drug use in New York is concentrated around New York city, which is a major hub for shipping and using illicit drugs for the entire United States. New Yorkers are more likely to use illicit drugs (besides marijuana) than the rest of the nation: 9.1% of New Yorkers use compared with 8.5% nationally. One in ten hospital emergency room visits in New York City is drug related.
Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in New York. About 12% of New Yorkers use marijuana every year, with 30% of the 18 to 25 age group using. Marijuana has been decriminalized in New York unless it is being used in open view of the public.
Heroin and opiate abuse is fairly common in New York and use is increasing. Heroin use in New York is significantly higher than the national average at 1% of New Yorkers aged 12 and over, compared with about 0.2% nationally.
Crack cocaine and powder cocaine use has fallen in past years, but still remains somewhat high. Crack cocaine is prevalent in low-income areas, while powder cocaine is common in higher income areas and has even spawned home delivery services.

About 60% of New York residents drink alcohol casually, defined by at least one alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days. In addition, 15% of New Yorkers reported binge drinking five or more alcoholic beverages in the past 30 days. These statistics are similar to national averages.
Likewise, youth alcohol use is similar to national rates with 38% of high school students reporting alcohol use in the past 30 days.

New York has a lower-than-average rate of gambling addiction and problem gambling at 1.6% of residents. Around 3.4% of New Yorkers currently have an eating disorder, with over twice as many women diagnosed as men.
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