North Dakota Addiction Statistics

Methamphetamine is becoming an increasing problem in North Dakota. Meth is both being imported from southern states, particularly California and Washington, and being produced locally.
Marijuana is the most common drug in North Dakota. Most of the marijuana in the state is imported from Mexico and other states with climates more conducive to cultivation of the plant, but small, indoor growing operations are common throughout the state.
Heroin, cocaine, crack, and club drugs are not used at significant rates in North Dakota.

Around 62% of adult North Dakota residents report using alcohol casually, defined as having at least one alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days. This puts them at number eight in the nation for alcohol users. North Dakota also has the second highest rates of binge drinking in the country with 20% of users reporting having five or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting at least once in the past month.
However, rates of underage drinking in North Dakota are on par with national rates, which is down from past years. The age of first drink has also increased in past years, as North Dakota used to have one of the lowest ages of first drink.

North Dakota has a slightly lower than average prevalence of eating disorders at around 3.3% with about twice as many women diagnosed as men. There is also a significantly lower rate of problem gambling and gambling addiction than the rest of the country and affects only 1.5% of residents.
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