Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics

Oklahoma is number one in the country for prescription painkiller abuse. The state ranks fourth in rates of accidental overdoses in the nation, most of which are attributed to prescription medications. It is estimated that 5-8% of Oklahoma residents have abused prescription painkillers in the past year, which could be highest in the nation.
Methamphetamine is also a big problem in the state. Meth lab seizures have been increasing since 2007, when they hit an all-time low due to a restriction of the medication pseudoephedrine, which is a key ingredient in meth.
Marijuana is the most popular drug in Oklahoma. Much of the marijuana in the state is imported from Oklahoma or other states, as it is in a central location within the US. Rates of use among adolescents is slightly lower in Oklahoma than nationally. Marijuana is illegal in Oklahoma.
Crack cocaine is also somewhat prevalent in Oklahoma in the more urban, impoverished areas.

Alcohol use among adults is fairly low in Oklahoma compared to national rates. Only 43% of adult Oklahoma residents report having at least one drink in the past month, compared with 56% nationally. Around 13% of Oklahomans binge drank in the past month, while 3.6% could be considered heavy drinkers (compared with national rates of 24% and 7%, respectively).
Adolescent drinking rates are on par with national averages, with 38% reporting having at least one drink and 23% reporting binge drinking in the past 30 days.

Oklahoma does not have rates of behavioral disorders that vary significantly from the national averages
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