Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Dentists

How common is drug and alcohol abuse among dentists?

10-19% of dentists develop a drug or alcohol problem, slightly higher than the general population.

Dentists on average consume significantly more alcohol than physicians.

What are the abused substances of choice for dentists?

  • Alcohol = 37%
  • Opiates/Benzos = 31%
  • Illicit Drugs = 10%
  • Nitrous Oxide = 5%

What are the Reasons for Addiction Among Dentists?

  • Compulsive Personalities
  • Stress (Fatigue, Competition, Finances)
  • Isolation (3/4 in solo practice)

How successful is private drug and alcohol rehab for dentists?

Long term success rates after inpatient addiction rehab for dentists is approximately 90%.


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