Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Executives


Between 10 and 20% of executives develop a substance abuse addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Reasons may include stress at work or home, blowing off steam, or inability to stop after using drugs due to a legitimate injury.


As high functioning individuals, executives often feel they can handle it themselves. However, the dependence turns into a chemical imbalance which needs professional help. Executives are no better at dealing with a substance abuse addiction than the rest of the general population.


Private drug rehab treatment is available. HIPAA laws prevent medical records being disclosed along with Title 42 in the Code of Federal Regulations. Rehab centers are not required to notify licensing boards if treatment is sought voluntarily.


US Rehab Network offers private drug rehab treatment for executives at over 100 centers nationwide. We take care of all the arrangements, call us at (888) 598-0909 today!