Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Pilots

Obviously drug and alcohol abuse among pilots is extremely dangerous due to the heavy machinery and human life involved. Job stress, long flights, back to back flights, and family stress can lead to a lot of pressure which can make a pilot turn to substance abuse.

11% of all aviation accidents worldwide involve a pilot who tests positive for a substance. Average age of pilots who abuse substances is older than the typical drug user in general population.

What Types of Substances do Pilots Abuse?

Marijuana and alcohol are the most commonly abused substances among pilots.

In the 15 years 1990-2005, pilots who tested positive for drugs pilots abused the same drugs, in the same amounts as the general population during the same time period.

In that study, the most common drugs found included:

  • THC/ Marijuana: 62
  • Morphine: 62
  • Cocaine: 41
  • Diazepam: 33
  • Hydrocodone: 25
  • Methamphetamine: 23
  • Propoxyphene: 18
  • Butalbital: 17
  • Hydromorphone: 15
  • Codeine: 14

In this study, one in 10 pilots had drugs in their system when tested.

Can Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Pilots Truly be Private?

Drug and alcohol addiction reatment can be completely private due to HIPAA Laws and Title 42 in the Code of Federal Regulations (42 CFR).

US Rehab Network offers private drug rehab for pilots at over 100 centers nationwide. We take care of ALL the arrangements, and long term success rates at our centers is 90%! Call us today at (888) 598-0909.


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