Wyoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics

Methamphetamine is the most problematic drug in Wyoming. The state ranks number one in the nation for meth use by adults and number two for teens. Arrests related to meth use far exceed arrests related to other drugs. Wyoming has the lowest population of any U.S. state, meaning it has a significant amount of rural land in which to establish home meth labs. Around 11% of adults report having tried meth at least once, while 6% of teens have tried it.
Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Wyoming. The cannabis used in Wyoming is largely grown locally, but it is also imported from Mexico and Canada. Lifetime marijuana use among Wyoming high school students is at 36%, four percentage points less than the national average.
Cocaine and heroin use is not significant in Wyoming.

Past month use of alcohol among Wyoming residents is around 57% for adults and 36% for high school students, both of which are slightly lower than national averages. However, deaths in Wyoming related to alcohol are some of the highest in the nation. Around 37.5 deaths per 100,000 people are linked to alcohol. This statistic includes medical conditions such as liver failure as well as vehicle deaths and other accidents.
Wyoming also has an unusually low average age of first alcoholic beverage with 24% of Wyoming residents reporting having their first adult beverage before the age of 13.

Wyoming does not have rates of behavioral disorders that vary significantly from national averages.
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