Often people with substance abuse issues also have mental or behavioral disorders. Simple drug addiction treatment will not help them since mental illness can often fuel alcohol and drug addiction. At one time, drug addiction recovery was considered separate from mental health disorders but today dual diagnosis treatment centers in the US Rehab Network view co-occurring disorders as a common field knows as dual diagnosis. Here is why you should seek dual diagnosis treatment centers in the US Rehab Network if you or a loved one has a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers have programs designed to overcome the side effects of mental illnesses at the same time as working on drug addiction recovery. They have de-addiction as well as mental health experts to help clients overcome their drug abuse problem.

Any therapy would be more effective when it addresses the mental health disorder as well as your substance abuse disorder since the two frequently fuel each other.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers in the US Rehab Network offer group and individual therapy for people battling with drug abuse. Group therapy for people with co-occurring disorders offers a stronger support network for individuals who are struggling with mental illness as well as addiction.

Treating drug addiction recovery and a mental health disorder at the same time helps US Rehab Network clients by reducing the risk of relapse by identifying triggers, such as depression, mood swings or panic attacks.