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1510, 2019

Similarities and Variations of Withdrawal Symptoms

The process of withdrawal is generally defined as a series of symptoms that accompany cessation of use of a particular substance. In effect, an addict’s body and mental state are affected by any addiction and become dependent on it. That dependency shows up when using the substance stops, and the body reacts to the lack […]

1010, 2019

What Are Opioids?

There are two basic types of opioid medications, although both, as you will see, have many similarities as chemically they are close to the same. The first type is natural opioids, which are derived from the opium poppy plant. These include drugs such as heroin, morphine, opium, and codeine. There are also synthetic opioids. These […]

210, 2019

Key Questions To Ask When Considering Rehab

If you are considering rehabilitation services for yourself or someone else, there are some key concerns that you should be asking before you commit to a particular hospital, clinic, or program. You will certainly want to know about the costs of the program and whether your insurance will cover any of the bills. You will […]

2309, 2019

Process Addiction

There are many types of addiction, and while we tend to think of substance abuse with a component of physical dependence characterized by withdrawal symptoms, but the fact is that behavioral addiction can occur in a number of activities and processes with no physical dependence.

What makes these behavioral patterns addictions instead of a habit? It […]

1809, 2019

Improving Patient Adherence in Rehabilitation Programs

Patient adherence is a pressing issue in the management of substance use disorders and other addictions. Overall, nonadherence (to all treatments) causes approximately 125,000 deaths annually in the US alone. Moreover, the forms of nonadherence extend beyond medication and include lapses in keeping appointments, to follow the recommended dietary or other lifestyle changes, and to […]

1209, 2019

Addictions Feel Lonely – But You Are Not Alone

The media certainly influences how we think. So, what is the overall meta-message concerning celebrity addicts? The message is very mixed. If you didn’t know any better, given the number of celebrity-oriented publications, it would seem that being famous is a common reason people become alcoholics or drug addicts.


Of course, the pressures of fame could […]

309, 2019

The Shame/Addiction Cycle

Shame is an almost universal emotion for addicts, given the many possibilities of their lives not turning out as well as they expected and the behaviors that go along with addictions. Many addicts are forced to steal in order to support their habit, but even those that don’t live part of their lives in secrecy, […]

3008, 2019

Hiding from Yourself

A quick glance at the occupations in the United States that have the highest risk of alcoholism tells us a lot. It tells us that there are certain stresses in life that tend to push people closer to addictions. But it also tells us that stress is pretty much universal.

Anxiety – the manifestation of stress […]

2208, 2019

Austin Eubanks

Fifteen people died at Columbine High School in a school shooting on April 29, 1999: Two shooters, 12 students, and one teacher. In May of 2019, the incident claimed another victim: Austin Eubanks, 37, who was found dead in his home after struggling for years to combat opioid addiction, which began with prescriptions given to […]

1208, 2019

Chronic Depression and Substance Abuse

It is a well-established fact that there is a strong connection between substance use and mental health disorders. This is a bidirectional relationship where each feeds off or predisposes to the other. When a person is found to suffer from both, the substance abuse disorder and mental illness, it is known as a dual diagnosis […]

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