511, 2019

Teen Substance Abuse

Teenage boys and girls are still in the stage of developing important life skills and their identity. They are highly impressionable and some of them begin teens begin to experiment with drugs to fit in or gain friends. This is unfortunate because they may end up with a life-threatening habit. Therefore, it is critical to […]

3101, 2019

Substance Abuse in Adolescence

Substance use is a serious public and personal health issue. It becomes even more serious if adolescents are the patients as it contributes to major medical, psychological, and legal consequences later in life. There are a number of approaches to effectively handle this high-risk population.

Statistics from 2015 show that nearly half of U.S. high school […]

2211, 2018

Her First Cigarette

While the rate of smoking has declined greatly over the last several decades, there are still 42 million Americans who still smoke. This problem becomes a major concern when you find your young son or daughter smoke. It may be even more striking if it’s your daughter. Let’s talk about how to address such a […]

2112, 2017

What are the Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disorder that is characterized by compulsive behavior despite the harmful consequences that it may have. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to many physical, psychological, and social problems. Not only will the behavior result in health-related issues, but it will affect relationships with family members and friends […]

411, 2016

Rehab for Prescription Drug Addiction in Teens

Prescription drug abuse is when someone uses medication in a way not intended by a doctor or to achieve a “high.” This is one of the biggest health issues facing teenagers today. After alcohol and marijuana, prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs by teens and young adults. Teens who begin using a prescription […]

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