Prescription Drug Addiction

502, 2018

Drug Rehabilitation Programs and the Detoxification Process

For anyone who regularly takes an addictive substance, it is incredibly difficult to overcome the compulsion to continue. Many people have fallen foul of an addiction, but few manage to break free from the addiction on their own. Fortunately, professional help is available to help counteract dependency on these substances, but it is imperative that […]

303, 2017

Top 11 Ways to Identify Prescription Drug Abuse

While it may not always be obvious, there are several ways to identify if a friend or loved one is abusing prescription drugs. Watch this video to understand the ways, some of which are subtle, to figure it out! Then call us to get help with prescription drug abuse at top centers across America today […]

1302, 2017

Red Flags for Prescription Drug Abuse

In the US, the most abused type of prescription drugs are pain relievers. This may include Hydrocodone (Vicodin), Oxycodine, Morphine, Codeine, Hydromorphone and others.


Hydrocodone was actually The Most Prescribed drug in the US up until 2015, at over 130 million prescriptions annually. Once the DEA reclassified Hydrocodone as a Schedule 2 controlled substance in 2014, […]

1102, 2017

Helping your Child through Addiction

What can you do when you realize your adult child has a drug or alcohol addiction? This is a heart-wrenching experience for many people, regardless of the child’s age. Because your child is an adult, it is often difficult to intervene. There are many ways that you can help your child […]

411, 2016

Rehab for Prescription Drug Addiction in Teens

Prescription drug abuse is when someone uses medication in a way not intended by a doctor or to achieve a “high.” This is one of the biggest health issues facing teenagers today. After alcohol and marijuana, prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs by teens and young adults. Teens who begin using a prescription […]

411, 2016

Rehab for Prescription Opioid Drug Addiction

Opioids are a broad category of drugs that include prescription painkillers like morphine and oxycodone as well as heroin. According to statistics, around 5% of the United States population misuses opioid drugs. Also called opiates, these drugs cause psychological and physical dependence. Many people cannot stop using opioid drugs without help. Rehabilitation (rehab) offers help […]

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