We are often exposed to several drugs available locally and are legal for consumption. Thus, before we realize it, we fall prey to the addiction of these drugs. The most commonly abused drug is alcohol, which is considered a symbol of status. But, overuse of alcohol is very harmful for people who consume them and also for those around the addicts. Let us first discuss the effects of alcohol on health:

Effects on excretory system

Excessive use of alcohol makes your pancreas excrete toxic substances which may interfere with proper functioning of your excretory system. It may also lead to inflammation of pancreas, also called pancreatitis.Drug Rehab Alcohol

You might have noticed yellowness in the eyes and skin of the alcoholics. It happens due to excessive consumption of alcohol which the liver is not able to process.

Effects on central nervous system

It is very common to see alcoholics stammering while speaking. They also forget everything they did under the influence of alcohol. All this happens because alcohol hampers your ability to think and form memories.

Constant abuse of alcohol also makes these symptoms permanent in the personality of an alcoholic. Apart from these symptoms, alcohol also results in numbness, pain or abnormal sensations in hands and feet. Bodies of men and women metabolize alcohol differently. Women require lesser alcohol to feel high.

Effects on digestive system

You might think that alcohol may damage your digestive system over long term. But, the fact is that even a single event of heavy drinking may injure some parts of the digestive tract. Dryness in mouth is a common symptom of alcoholism, which may lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. Inflammation of pancreas may interfere with its functioning in digestion and regulating metabolism. You might have experienced abdominal fullness, gassiness and diarrhea the next morning after drinking. Chronic vomiting after drinking also affects your digestive system.

Effects of drug addiction

There are different effects on the health of drug addicts after consuming specific drugs. Let us discuss about them Drug Rehab Centersone by one:

Nicotine is typically found in tobacco containing products like cigarettes. Overuse of nicotine increase the risk of cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, and bronchial disorders. It takes toll on the overall health of the user.

Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused substances which are illegal. It hampers learning, short term memory, the ability of focusing even for a short while, and the ability to coordinate. The addicted person may also experience increased heart rate, damage to lungs. People who have vulnerability underlying in their personality are at the greater risk of experiencing psychosis.

Prescription medicines like opioids, stimulants and sedatives are most commonly misused for the treatment of minor medical problems. Abuse or misuse of these drugs may lead to addiction. The addicted person sometimes does not realize and takes high doses of these prescription drugs, which may even cause death.

Inhalants are easily available in markets since they are not illegal. They are volatile substances contained in household products like gasoline, house cleaners, spray paints and aerosols. They induce effects that alter our minds, and hence very popular among teens and young children. They are highly toxic and can damage kidneys, brain and lungs. It may even cause severe damage to the heart and brain of a perfectly healthy person if sniffed heavily and may lead to death.