Drug abuse is the over consumption of any kinds of drugs which make you feel high or euphoric. There are some commonly known drugs like alcohol and marijuana, which are consumed for abuse. But, many people do not know that products like household cleaners and products containing fumes are also abused for getting high. Let us discuss the types of drug abuse:


Alcoholism is one among the most common drug addiction. Alcohol is also a toxic substance which hampers yourDrug Rehab Alcohol ability to focus. It is particularly harmful for pregnant ladies and the developing fetus.


Some prescription medicines contain this group of drugs. That is why it is easy to fall prey to them. Some of the examples include methylphenidate, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine. There are some illegal substances also which contain these drugs like crystal meth or methamphetamine.

Anabolic steroids

Some bodybuilders and athletes abuse these drugs and suffer with psychological effects such as paranoia and aggression. These substances may also lead to long term effects like organ failure and infertility.


Though it is difficult to recognize the addiction of caffeine, but it is a fairly common addiction. It is taken in the form of tea, coffee, and soda. When it is consumed in excess, it may lead to palpitations, tremors, significant anxiety and insomnia.


Cocaine hits your nervous system and gives it a boost. It is usually snorted in the form of powder. Cracked cocaine is smoked in the shape of rocks. It is also injected in the form of liquid.


It is more commonly known as marijuana. Scientifically, you will find it by the name of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Though it is itself harmful to the health of the addict, it is also mixed and diluted with other addictive or Cocaine Addiction Treatmentcheap drugs by the drug dealers to make more dollars. Some of the drugs commonly mixed with marijuana are baby powder, embalming fluid, oregano, PCP, cocaine, opiates.


It is also called MDMA. Ecstasy creates a sense of extreme delight. But, when it is abused, it can raise the body temperature to a very dangerous point.

Dependency on drugs

When some drugs are repeatedly consumed, it makes us dependent on them and our body cannot function without them. Neurons in our body adapt to the repeated exposure of drugs. If you have been taking mild drugs like caffeine, you might not face severe withdrawal symptoms. But, in case you have been fatal drugs like heroin, you might face serious symptoms. When the abuser is not able to bear the symptoms of withdrawal, he may consume the fatal drugs again.

Usually, the drug dependence is psychological in the initial stage. But gradually, the euphoric state of mind after the consumption of drugs makes you depend on drugs every time. It does not take long for you to shift to addiction from dependence. Compulsive use of drugs or addiction is a more harmful condition. Some of the characteristics of this condition are failure to meet the obligations of work, family and social life. If the dependence is not taken care of in time, you may face its harmful effects sooner or later in life.