Finding the right rehabilitation center is often challenging because many factors must be considered. Drug addiction is a major problem in the United States, and many centers have long waiting lists. Below are the do’s and don’ts of selecting a rehab center.


The Do’sDrug Rehab Therapy


  1. Do Select a Program Specific to your Needs


You should ask the receptionist if the center offers services that you require. For instance, a long-term drug user will need detoxification (detox) services, which are not offered at every rehab facility. In addition, you may have a medical problem that will need treated along with your addiction. Find out if physician supervision is available.


  1. Do Choose a Rehab that provides 24-Hour Care by Qualified Staff


Check to see if around-the-clock nurses are on staff, as well as qualified physicians, substance abuse counselors, and mental health professionals. Ask to see if you will have access to care 24-hours a day, just in case an emergency situation arises.


  1. Do ask about how the Treatment Plan is developed


Find out how the treatment plan is developed at the rehab center you are considering. Nurses and physicians often work with therapists, psychologists, and social workers develop patient treatment plans. This plan is used throughout your rehab visit and into your aftercare.


  1. Do Select a Center that Provides Individual and Group Therapy


Part of addiction recovery involves individual and group counseling and therapy sessions. Clients should receive at least 3 hours of therapy daily for at least 5 days each week (or more). The counselors will be trained professionals, and the center will be a licensed rehabilitation facility.


  1. Do Choose a Rehab Facility that offers Supplemental Services


You don’t want to end up watching TV all day, do you? Inquire about supplemental services, including horticulture, music, cooking, pet therapy, and art. Many centers also offer skills training, such as woodwork, shop, and more.


  1. Do inquire about Family Participation


Rehab can be scary for many people. You enter a center where you don’t know anyone, and you miss your family and friends. Ask if significant others and family members will be allowed to visit, as well as participate in your recovery experience. Many rehab centers offer family counseling to help uncover problem areas in relationships and to work through these issues.


The Don’ts


  1. Don’t Choose a Facility that does not specialize in Rehabilitation


You are going to rehab, so you will want to choose a center that is focused on your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Choose a facility that works with you to develop an individualized treatment plan and specializes in rehabilitation. In addition, the rehab process doesn’t end with inpatient stay. People require much aftercare and outpatient therapy to stay clean.


  1. Don’t get dragged Into the Center


If your family is forcing you to go, or they physically put you in the car to take you, chances are, you won’t do well. It has to be your choice to stop drug and/or alcohol use/abuse. To find a solution, you must first admit there is a problem.Most Successful Drug Rehab Centers


  1. Don’t Select a 28-30 Day Program


Instead of going into rehab short-term, choose a facility that offers 60-90 days of intense inpatient counseling and training. These long-term facilities offer more vocational skills training and more intense treatment. The foundation and stability built in early sobriety is a vital component of long-term sobriety.


  1. Don’t Choose a Facility that is Close to Home


One of the worst things about rehab is homesickness. If you are near your home, you may want to leave. Try to find a rehab center that is several hours away from your home. This makes it harder for you to leave.