Sanctuary Treatment Center is a WOMEN’S ONLY substance abuse treatment program for women who suffer from, and may also have a diagnosis of chemical dependency, and/or mental health. Our center is private, luxurious, exclusive and only has six beds so pbr_our-faclility_header1treatment is individualized.



The clients will participate in individual and group therapy focused on development of skills to regulate moods, healthy boundaries and communication, life management skills, and trauma which may include grief, and loss. Clients will be provided information about recovery concepts related to specific disorders, while learning how to identify their underlying issues.



Probability of relapse significantly increases, if these underlying issues are not addressed. The clients will be provided with family counseling, treatment planning, group work, therapeutic activities, recreation, educational groups, case management, and physical fitness, in addition to being supervised 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.



“The staff and everyone at sanctuary are amazing. I was definitely hopeless coming into sanctuary onto my 3rd relapse and this place saved my life. They go above and beyond for their clients (they let me have my dog)!!! Jasmine is a great therapist and although she may look like a movie star she is a true gift to the program. Without her grace and strength I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.”

-Katy K.