Sex Addict SignsSex addictions can be just as damaging to a person as an alcohol or drug addiction. The addiction takes over a person’s life and nothing but sex satisfies them. This leads to odd sexual practices, and sometimes, turns off the partners completely. Strange requests, acting outside of your normal self, or even the need to watch pornography are signs of sex addiction. Knowing when you’re acting out of character or beyond fantasy or curiosity are the first signs of addiction.

Libido is Never Satisfied

If you can have sex multiple times a day and are never physically satisfied, you need help. Entering a sex addiction rehab program, either inpatient or outpatient, helps you learn how to regenerate that need for satisfaction in other directions. A simple example is for males, who suffer from this addiction more than females, is to exercise or partake in a physical sport. Sexual endorphins also produce adrenaline, telling you that you haven’t had enough and you must continue. It becomes an obsession at times.

Cheating on your Spouse Uncontrollably

When one sexual partner is absolutely not enough, or even 3, 4, or 5 partners are not enough, it’s considered to be a sex addiction. As your spouse or main partner is not interested in trying new things or off-the-wall sexual acts, you go out and find people that enjoy those practices to satisfy the other sides of your sexual persona. Not only can this lead to sexually transmitted diseases, but it is adultery and ruins the trust and bond that a couple shares.

Obsession with Fetishes

As you find yourself obsessing with odd fetishes such as being dominated, using foreign objects, or any fetishes that are not considered to be safe, it’s time to step back and think about what’s really going on. Dangerous fetishes can cause harm to yourself or your partner. This obsession or need to go further with the fetish with each sex session takes over your brain. While it is okay to have sexual inhibitions, you have to know when enough is enough or when you’ve gone too far.

Inability to Hold a Job due to Sexual Urges

When you can’t go to work or hold a job because your desire to fill your sexual needs gets in the way, you have become a sex addict and need to seek help. This happens more often than society realizes, and it is a real addiction. You have to adapt to having a normal lifestyle and how to use your urges to have sex toward your work efforts for better productivity. During working hours, you focus on work, not how to get away or make up an emergency to go have sex or masturbate in the restroom, or even at your desk.

For many, a sexual release reduces stress and tension. There are other ways to satisfy this release than constant sex. Some sexual addictions are psychological, so along with regular counseling and psychotherapy are also added to your treatment plan. It’s important how to use the feelings of being “sexually excited” to be constructive and productive in day-to-day life.