10 Secrets to a Successful Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Scope of the Problem

Over 10,000 people in the US abuse prescription medications for the first time EVERY DAY!
Drug abuse knows no socioeconomic boundaries.
Blue and White Collar are both susceptible.
Approximately 24 million over the age of 12 have an addiction issue with alcohol/drugs.
Only 11% will receive the care they desperately need.
Most rehab centers have success rates of 30-50%.

#1 – Understanding Causes of Addiction

There is NOT a single cause:
Family Hx and Genetics
Environmental factors such as childhood trauma, neglect.
Mental health – crucial tie-in with abuse (Dual Diagnosis)
Addiction leads to a chemical imbalance and dependence.

#2 – Understanding the Addiction Cycle

The addicted brain is physiologically and chemically different from a normal person’s brain.
On average, 50% of drug/alcohol abusers return to using within 24 mths after treatment. If 5 years sobriety can be maintained this drops down to 15%.

#3 – Maintaining a Positive Outlook

The Disease of Addiction is fueled by negativity.
Maintain positivity:
Work, Exercise, Faith
New Connections and Resolved Family Relationships

#4 – Having Realistic Expectations

There is no CURE for addiction.
Important to understand reality and setbacks can occur. Even the best centers are at 90%, not 100%.
Certain drugs have higher relapse rates due to brain effects.
Lifelong battle –A “lapse” is a temporary return. It happens and doesn’t have to turn into complete failure.

#5 – Identify Relapse Triggers

Triggers vary between individuals. Could be:
Fight with spouse.
Being in a bar.
Hanging out with addicted friends.
Stress at work/family.
HALT – hungry, angry, lonely, tired
Develop “trigger plan”. Sober friend, Meeting, Meal, Nap.
Control your environment and friends.

#6 – Learn to Face Challenges

The best rehab centers instill methods to combat challenges.
Avoiding boredom – work/hobbies.
New friends/support network/group meetings and family counseling.

#7 – Have a Relapse Prevention Plan

Most commonly, relapse is a gradual phenomenon.
Occurs from:
Obsessive thinking.
Substances around the house.
Hanging with friends who use.
Isolation or feeling you no longer need support.
Boredom/lack of structure.
Lack of sleep, exercise.
Unrealistic goals. Unresolved conflicts.
Top centers instill a “go to” Relapse prevention plan.

#8 – Acquire Skills for Gainful Employment

Employment is CRUCIAL for survival.
Top centers assist with finding gainful employment.
Work provides funding, goals, confidence, social interaction, motivation.

#9 – Maintain Support Network

7 Elements:
Do NOT go it alone
Look for successful recovering addicts.
Support Groups
Family Support
Professional Support (especially with dual diagnosis)
No limits – cannot have too much support.
Be Grateful!

#10 – Understand the Consequences of Substance Abuse

Diseases – STD, TB, HIV, Hepatitis.
Social – abuse wears away at human potential, can lead to antisocial behavior.
Mental and physical health – depression, suicide attempts, decreased immune function, malnutrition.
Legal consequences – criminal record can prevent travel, business issues, employment.
Relationship killer and Family Stress.
Career and Assets.

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