Most rehab centers in the US have success rates of 30-50%.


Relapse Triggers
Fight with spouse.
Being in a bar.
Hanging out with addicted friends.
Stress at work/family.
Mental Health Exacerbation
Legal Problems

#1 – Change Your Friends
The root of an addiction problem often involves your circle of friends.
These are people who you bought drugs from, shared drugs with, or who knew you as a user.
#2 – Change Your Environment
Many people find that changing their environment helps with relapse.
The important thing to keep in your immediate environment is your support persons and family members.
Stay away from dope houses, pubs, bars, strip clubs, and bad parts of town.

#3 – Occupy Your Free Time
Boredom is a dangerous opponent to rehabilitation.
Cultural Events
#4 – Exercise
Many people report that exercise is a good way to combat depression, increase mood, and improve sleep habits.
In addition, exercise improves your overall sense of well-being.
#5 – Eat Right
Eating right will help you look and feel better. This is a vital part of avoiding relapse.
Excess sugar causes ups and downs which may lead to a relapse and mood shifts.
#6 – Find Work
Gainful employment boosts self esteem, provides a sense of accomplishment.
Use your salary towards increasing quality of life and gaining independence.
This reinforces sobriety and is a necessary part of the recovery process.

#7 – Build a Support Network
Family is crucial to avoiding relapse.
Be a friend to have friends. Reach out to people you have alienated.
Repay people for their kindness.
#8 – Get a Sponsor
Many support groups offer sponsors who serve as mentors through your recovery journey.
Sponsors are people who can help you find work, introduce you to new friends, and teach you things about recovery.

#9 – Visit Support Groups
Whether or not you believe in them, visit one.
If you don’t like your first choice, try another group.
They are crucial in long term sobriety.
#10 – Have Faith
Participating in organized or unorganized religion is an excellent way to prevent relapse.
It can be any faith and associated intensity, but a higher power can provide the much needed difference!
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