Alcohol Rehab

1910, 2018

Making Use of the Alternative Addiction Therapy and Treatment

Alternative Addiction Therapy and Treatment, in recent years, have led to addiction rehabilitation programs that incorporate alternative therapies to heal addicts and help them develop long-term sobriety.  Some programs still incorporate the 12 Step Program while others use alternative programs to address the underlying causes of addiction without the 12 Step Plan. Alternative addiction rehabilitation […]

1508, 2018

What are the Pros and Cons of Different Substance Abuse Treatment Models?

Addiction is hard. Even with the best intentions, it can feel like nobody is there to guide you on a difficult and testing journey. Luckily there are a number of rehabilitation programmes to choose from. With this, however, comes a difficult choice – which treatment model do I follow? What are the pros and cons […]

404, 2018

Does Addiction Rehabilitation Really Work?

Although addiction recovery is a journey that affects people very differently, it’s true to say that a great many people will go on to beat their addiction. Having the right professional support is paramount. If you have concerns about therapy or specialized treatments, understand that success depends on many factors, but it does give everyone […]

2203, 2018

Alcohol Abuse – Help Is Available If You Ask

So many people suffer from alcohol problems these days and for many, there are feelings of guilt or shame which can actually intensify the issue.  Fortunately, alcohol abuse help is available if you ask for it but, the problem for many, is that they are not ready to accept that they have a problem. Therefore, they don’t reach out for help.

It’s easy for alcohol intake to increase substantially without awareness. You may think that you are drinking to a moderate level but in fact, you are drinking far more than you think. It may have started off by being the odd drink on a Friday night after work, but if work pressures increased dramatically, the one night of drinking became two or three and so on. If this sounds familiar, know that it’s an easy trap to fall into and it’s important to eradicate feelings of guilt or shame as this will only compound the problem.


When alcohol abuse occurs alongside stressful situations and issues in life, this can make the problem worse, so understanding why is paramount to fixing the issue which is likely to mean seeking professional counseling.


2112, 2017

What are the Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disorder that is characterized by compulsive behavior despite the harmful consequences that it may have. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to many physical, psychological, and social problems. Not only will the behavior result in health-related issues, but it will affect relationships with family members and friends […]

2307, 2016

Intake into a Top Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Unit

Intake into a rehabilitation center may vary from site to site, but the process is mostly the same nationwide. The first step for the addict is to make the call. There is an initial process of evaluation where the doctors and psychologist will assess your level of addiction to drug and alcohol, and they will […]

2307, 2016

Controlling Triggers and Avoiding Cravings During Recovery

Learning to control your triggers and knowing how to cope with cravings from drugs and alcohol is the true key in being successful to your recovery. This step takes considerable willpower, and this is where you will find out how committed you are to tackle your addiction to drugs and alcohol. How you see your […]

3105, 2016

Accepting Court Ordered Rehab through US Rehab Network

Being forced into rehabilitation (rehab) by the order of the court leads some people to relapse, or even worse, death could occur upon relapse simply because they are in denial. An addict will feel resentment toward those that ordered him or her to alter the lifestyle either due to harming themselves or others as a […]

705, 2016

Ten Secrets to a Successful Drug Rehab Experience

10 Secrets to a Successful Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Scope of the Problem

Over 10,000 people in the US abuse prescription medications for the first time EVERY DAY!
Drug abuse knows no socioeconomic boundaries.
Blue and White Collar are both susceptible.
Approximately 24 million over the age of 12 have an addiction issue with alcohol/drugs.
Only 11% will receive the care […]

1502, 2016

How Therapy Can Help You Get Rid of Your Addiction

Getting over a longstanding drug addiction with the help of Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) is a major achievement for any chronic substance-abuser. However, in most cases, the initial detoxification process is only the beginning of a long-term fight against cravings and relapse. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to continue MAT with individual guidance counseling, cognitive […]

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