To start with, the definition of the word “addiction” is a fact or condition wherein a certain individual is addicted to a particular substance, activity, or thing. It is also a chronic, relapsing brain condition which is characterized by the compulsive seeking of drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. The brain does all the work for our body, and when an addictive substance enters the body, it changes how the brain works and its structure.

Effects Of Addictive Substances To The Brain

What Are The Different Addictive Substances Today?

Drugs – There are a number of addictive drugs that are in circulation in many countries. Some are legally made that are intended for medicinal purposes, and some are illegally manufactured by unknown organizations that destroy the lives of many


  • GHB – Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, in scientific terms, is a depressant which is actually approved by the FDA for the main purpose of Narcolepsy treatment.
  • Alcohol – We all know that alcohol is a legal substance, it also is a depressant that can make a person relaxed and at the same time reduces anxiety. Consuming alcohol would trigger the brain to release dopamine and endorphins that produces satisfied feelings as well as pain elimination.
  • Crystal Meth – This substance might be one of the most sought-after illegal drugs around the world. Consuming this illegal drug continuously will train the brain on wanting more to survive the day. A person who is addicted to this drug would suffer hallucinations, memory loss, psychosis, depression which could lead to suicidal tendencies.
  • Heroin – Considered to be the most addictive drug in the world, a dose of this lethal substance can bring a person to a speedy addiction. Imagine having it for the first time ever and you will instantly be addicted to the substance.


These are just some of the most addictive substances that can make a person be called an addict. We must know and understand the harmful effects of these substances on our body and brain. What Are The Possible Effects Of Being An Addict


  • The body cannot withstand too much substance abuse, addictive substances can cause health problems such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, generally the whole body.
  • The brain is the most affected part, mental disorder would take effect in the prolonged usage of addictive substances.
  • Not only the person who uses drugs or illegal substances would harvest the negative effects, the whole family would also be affected emotionally.


Education is the key to avoiding substance abuse and addiction, people are not deeply aware of the dangers of illegal drugs, or even legal substances like alcohol and tobacco. Once you tasted a substance and continue to use it, harm would be the probable outcome.

It all starts with the family, the family is the basic unit of the society, each and every member of the family should be educated and well informed about the harmful effects of drugs and other substances. Education in schools and other organizations are also helpful in preventing addiction that triggers negative effects on the brain and the body.