28-30 Day Programs

Let’s face it we live in a society of “I WANT IT NOW.” Fast food, pay at the pump, instant gratification, and I don’t have time to wait. But, after years of addiction placing toxic substances in our bodies for months and years and the quick fix just will not work. Believe it or not the 28-30 day programs came about as to the time a U.S. Soldier in the Air force had for leave without being reassigned. So, it was adapted by the private sector because a 28-30 day program fit the current life style model of being gone for this shorter amount of time.


The 30 day program may be an open program or a lock down where you are required to stay at the facility and might restrict visitors you will begin your detox and get you head clear from the drugs or alcohol. Take your meals in center usually prepared by nutritionists.


The truth about these short programs is that there is a higher level of relapse. An addict needs time to work the treatment program and some may have success but not everyone can grasp it or understand the plan in 28-30 days and returns to drinking or doing drugs again. Thus, having to start over in the continuing 60 to 90 day programs to help establish what the 30 day program introduces.


Most all 30 day plans will have you living on site while going through their treatment plans. You will attend group and individual therapy sessions by a trained substance abuse counselor who will teach you the skills of recognizing the triggers or situation’s to avoid, and recognize the ones that might lead you to use drugs or alcohol again. In the group session you will get support from others with addictions and who are going through the same daily challenges that you are dealing with.


Some will use the 12 step methods others may use a scientific approach or even holistic therapy of cleansing the mind and body with yoga, acupuncture, etc. There are many different styles of facilities from boot camp style facilities to the high class very expensive centers. You are pretty mush stuck with whatever your insurance company will pay for or you have the cash to shell out of pocket.


The treatment is pretty much the same all around education is a major role of the centers by getting you to admit you are an addict and then help you in making changes in your behavior and lifestyle choices so you will be able to commit to a life free of alcohol or drugs


There are many success stories in the 30 day programs some of the reasons they may choose this plan are single parents with small children with work obligations, business owners with a demanding schedules, anyone with only a limited time with a specific addiction, teens without a long term addiction that must attend school, or anybody that would think they could use a 30 day plan rather than the longer options.


The aftercare once you have completed your stay is crucial to staying sober and your counselor will know you well enough to make suggestions to you about how you should proceed. There are several plans they may suggest like regular weekly group meetings that work the 12 steps, weekly individual check in with your substance abuse professional, or a temporary residence at a (SLH) Sober living homes or halfway house. The 30 day program is a short time, discipline and full of treatment for addicts that have a goal to learn new skills to live a life without drugs and alcohol, this is not for the addicts that are not sure they have an addiction this is one for the truly determined to kick their habit!!