60-Day Treatment Plan

The 60 day plan is based much like the 30 day treatment but gives the brain and the body more time to adjust to being substance free. By, continuing and adding to your coping skills and practices to stay clean and sober. While helping the addict to sustain and grow with recovery outside the facility when their 60 days has elapsed. The daily structure will help the sober addict gain the security to remain off drugs after treatment.. Most people in rehab have to meet a specific schedule daily engaging in the different group therapies and activities while distracting their brains from wanting to use drugs or alcohol.


During the 60 day plan you will live on site while going through their treatment plans. You will attend group and individual therapy sessions by a trained substance abuse counselors who will teach you the skills of recognizing and dealing with the triggers or situation’s and how to avoid them and recognize the ones that might lead you to use drugs or alcohol again. In the group sessions you will get support from others with addictions and who are going through the same daily challenges that you are encountering, Some offer family sessions where you and your family will learn how to gain trust again and let’s face it the addict usually ends up isolating themselves with the drugs or alcohol and in return isolates the friends and families. The addict will learn how to express their feelings and emotions on a healthy level by including them in the recovery process.


Most all plans have different approaches but will include many of these methods CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, this shows the addict how to identify the destructive thoughts and behaviors and to unlearn them by placing happier, and heathier thoughts in their place. IGT, integrated group therapy, deals with the addict that might have two problems, one physical like addiction and behavioral like bipolar disorder in a group setting. DBT, dialectic behavioral therapy, seeks to identify the thoughts that would cause an addict to want to harm themselves. And or take their own life. There is not one single approach that may cure the addict and many may be employed by the programs with different styles and medications, counseling to help the addict to recovery successfully. Statistically those who dedicate more time to the 60 day inpatient program have a better chance of beating the addiction and not relapsing while enjoying their life of sobriety. The 60 day plan is a true habit breaker therapy.