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1102, 2016

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Abuse

The use of prescription drugs for reasons other than their medical usage is a worldwide problem that can affect any individual. The abuse of prescription drugs such as opioids, painkillers, anti-depressive pills and stimulants can lead to a series of major health problems, the most common being addiction.

Treatment for prescription drug abuse is similar to […]

902, 2016

Medical Complications of Heroin Addiction

Chronic heroin addiction and abuse leads to a host of medical complications ranging from lung problems to mental health disorders and insomnia. Following initial effects of the heroin’s ‘rush’, the users will experience slowed breathing, drowsiness, clouded mental function, and a decreased heart rate.

Sometimes, the respiratory rate becomes so low that it may lead to […]

902, 2016

The Effect of Drug Addiction on Sleep Patterns

The disturbances in sleep patterns among chronic drug addicts and substance abusers is a well-researched area of Medicine. It is a well-known fact that all psychiatric and drug abuse disorders are associated with disturbances in sleep patterns. The instability of sleep architecture in subjects involved with chronic drug addiction is primarily due to psychiatric and […]

2801, 2016

The genes of addiction – what are they and what exactly do they do?

The genes of addiction – what are they and what exactly do they do?

In generic terminology, “Addictions” are a set of complex, chronic psychiatric disorders leading to compulsive and uncontrolled use of any drug with frequent relapses and destructive health effects. The development of chronic addictions are frequently associated with genetic and environmental factors, where […]

2501, 2016

Risks of At-home Alcohol Detox – Info from US Rehab Network

Like any other drug withdrawal and cleansing, detoxifying from alcohol is not an easy or pleasant experience. Many people choose to go through this detox at home, providing some familiarity of the place and the support of the community.

Any person who wants to start an alcohol detox at home must keep in mind that this […]

2301, 2016

Relapse Prevention in Drug Addiction Treatment

Relapse Prevention (RP) is the most important component of the overall drug-addiction treatment course. As a program training in self-control, it teaches individuals to alter their behaviour and know what to anticipate during drug abstinence and cope with the problem of craving and relapse.

According to social-learning theory, relapse prevention is a psycho-educational program, which combines […]

3112, 2015

Types of Drug Abuse and Dependency

Drug abuse is the over consumption of any kinds of drugs which make you feel high or euphoric. There are some commonly known drugs like alcohol and marijuana, which are consumed for abuse. But, many people do not know that products like household cleaners and products containing fumes are also abused for getting high. Let […]

2812, 2015

Chronic health risks associated with drug and alcohol addiction

We are often exposed to several drugs available locally and are legal for consumption. Thus, before we realize it, we fall prey to the addiction of these drugs. The most commonly abused drug is alcohol, which is considered a symbol of status. But, overuse of alcohol is very harmful for people who consume them and […]

2612, 2015

Risk Factors for Drug Abuse and Dependency

Risk factors for drug abuse are those which increase the chances of drug abuse. A person may get addicted to drug abuse if the risk factors around them are high. Almost all of us are exposed to the household drugs and legal drugs but most of the times; it is our choice not to fall […]

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