Alcohol Abuse

1003, 2019

What’s New in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Addiction is a social term that is medically called Substance use disorder, which is considered to be a mental health condition. Alcohol dependence is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world and seen as a major public health hazard. It is a serious condition with far-reaching personal, societal and public health […]

801, 2019

Contingency Management Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Contingency management therapy (CMT) is an approach that involves giving patients tangible rewards to reinforce positive behaviors such as abstinence. Studies have shown that incentive-based interventions are very effective in driving success in rehabilitation and recovery programs.

Voucher-based reinforcement (VBR)  is a type of CMT that also motivates substance abusers to get vacated and more functional […]

711, 2018

What is an Alcohol Abuser?

Drinking alcohol in excess or as a way to cope with stressors or avoid problems can lead to dependence and then addiction. Nearly 14 million people—more men than women—in the United States are dependent on alcohol or have alcohol problems.

Alcohol-use disorder or alcoholism is when alcohol use becomes excessive and leads to significant impairment or […]

410, 2018

Rehabilitation for Recurring Alcoholism


There are many patients who suffer from alcoholism and some of them continue to suffer from it despite repeated treatments. They are known as chronic relapsers. Their repeated attempts at rehabilitation with short-term benefit, if any, have led to coinage of the term, Revolving door syndrome. This can carry on for years and may lead […]

2006, 2018

The Neurological Effects of Excessive Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is classified as a central nervous system depressant and results in issues similar to those caused by medications such as tranquilizers, barbiturates, and general anesthetics.
Cognitive changes associated with the intake of alcohol include:

Loss of inhibition
Abnormal thinking
Poor decision-making

Individuals who use alcohol on a recreational basis tend to recover from these effects […]

1306, 2018

Withdrawal Symptoms of a Chronic Alcoholic

When an individual uses alcohol over a long period of time, the body becomes dependent on the substance which means that suddenly stopping the intake of alcohol can lead to the individual experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

If alcohol use is stopped abruptly, the affected individual can develop what is referred to as alcohol withdrawal syndrome and this […]

106, 2018

Know the Negative Effects of Addictive Substances to the Brain and Body

To start with, the definition of the word “addiction” is a fact or condition wherein a certain individual is addicted to a particular substance, activity, or thing. It is also a chronic, relapsing brain condition which is characterized by the compulsive seeking of drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. The brain does all the work […]

104, 2018

Friendships and Addiction – Therapy May Be Your New Support System

An addiction can have an overwhelming effect on your life. But, it affects others too. Close family and friends will also feel the negative aspects of addictive behavior and, there are always consequences if your life starts to spiral out of control. You may think that you are in control of any substance abuse but, […]

2203, 2018

Alcohol Abuse – Help Is Available If You Ask

So many people suffer from alcohol problems these days and for many, there are feelings of guilt or shame which can actually intensify the issue.  Fortunately, alcohol abuse help is available if you ask for it but, the problem for many, is that they are not ready to accept that they have a problem. Therefore, they don’t reach out for help.

It’s easy for alcohol intake to increase substantially without awareness. You may think that you are drinking to a moderate level but in fact, you are drinking far more than you think. It may have started off by being the odd drink on a Friday night after work, but if work pressures increased dramatically, the one night of drinking became two or three and so on. If this sounds familiar, know that it’s an easy trap to fall into and it’s important to eradicate feelings of guilt or shame as this will only compound the problem.


When alcohol abuse occurs alongside stressful situations and issues in life, this can make the problem worse, so understanding why is paramount to fixing the issue which is likely to mean seeking professional counseling.


502, 2018

Drug Rehabilitation Programs and the Detoxification Process

For anyone who regularly takes an addictive substance, it is incredibly difficult to overcome the compulsion to continue. Many people have fallen foul of an addiction, but few manage to break free from the addiction on their own. Fortunately, professional help is available to help counteract dependency on these substances, but it is imperative that […]

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