104, 2016

4 Great Benefits of Seeking Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Often people with substance abuse issues also have mental or behavioral disorders. Simple drug addiction treatment will not help them since mental illness can often fuel alcohol and drug addiction. At one time, drug addiction recovery was considered separate from mental health disorders but today dual diagnosis treatment centers in the US Rehab Network view […]

2803, 2016

4 Reasons to Say Yes to Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

The decision to seek help for your substance abuse issue is a giant leap. But once you do that, it is important to choose a great substance abuse rehab center in the US Rehab Network for de-addiction and recovery. Here are the top advantages of saying yes to an addiction recovery program at the best […]

1503, 2016

Facts on Drug Abuse Brought to You by US Rehab Network

Drug and substance abuse in the U.S. and the world has grown to epidemic proportions. Think about all the resources and money that is being spent annually combating this problem, not to say what it is doing to your body. From the year 1986 through 2013, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reports that they made […]

2902, 2016

Top Benefits of Choosing a Drug Addiction Recovery Center

If you are stuck in the drug abuse cycle, the US Rehab Network’s drug addiction recovery centers are the perfect means of taking back charge of your life. Drug addiction is a complex condition, with biological, psychological, emotional and social aspects. Drug addiction recovery requires careful treatment, support and care.

Substance Abuse Rehab Centers in US […]

1602, 2016

3 Amazing Reasons to Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab

There is no way to get catapulted into recovery if you are a drug or alcohol user. The fact that you realize you have a problem and are looking at treatment options is a great leap in itself. The next phase of the de-addiction journey needs medical supervision and expert care as your body learns […]

902, 2016

The Effect of Drug Addiction on Sleep Patterns

The disturbances in sleep patterns among chronic drug addicts and substance abusers is a well-researched area of Medicine. It is a well-known fact that all psychiatric and drug abuse disorders are associated with disturbances in sleep patterns. The instability of sleep architecture in subjects involved with chronic drug addiction is primarily due to psychiatric and […]

2301, 2016

Relapse Prevention in Drug Addiction Treatment

Relapse Prevention (RP) is the most important component of the overall drug-addiction treatment course. As a program training in self-control, it teaches individuals to alter their behaviour and know what to anticipate during drug abstinence and cope with the problem of craving and relapse.

According to social-learning theory, relapse prevention is a psycho-educational program, which combines […]

3112, 2015

Types of Drug Abuse and Dependency

Drug abuse is the over consumption of any kinds of drugs which make you feel high or euphoric. There are some commonly known drugs like alcohol and marijuana, which are consumed for abuse. But, many people do not know that products like household cleaners and products containing fumes are also abused for getting high. Let […]

2612, 2015

Risk Factors for Drug Abuse and Dependency

Risk factors for drug abuse are those which increase the chances of drug abuse. A person may get addicted to drug abuse if the risk factors around them are high. Almost all of us are exposed to the household drugs and legal drugs but most of the times; it is our choice not to fall […]

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