1212, 2018

Cognitive Therapy Techniques in Rehabilitation

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)  is an important component of rehabilitation programs for substance abuse disorders. It allows the program to focus on individualized treatments as a way to help patients identify self-defeating thoughts and behaviors seen in addiction.

Patients suffering from substance use disorder tend to have destructive, negative thinking. They often recognize that these thought […]

2811, 2018

How To Tell If Someone Is Sniffing Cocaine

Cocaine use disorder is a serious health issue. If you suspect cocaine abuse by someone you care about, here is how you can find out:


Tell-tale findings

First of all, you may find curled up dollar bills lying around. This is because cocaine is done primarily by snorting up the nose, and users do it with the […]

2211, 2018

Her First Cigarette

While the rate of smoking has declined greatly over the last several decades, there are still 42 million Americans who still smoke. This problem becomes a major concern when you find your young son or daughter smoke. It may be even more striking if it’s your daughter. Let’s talk about how to address such a […]

1211, 2018

Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an extremely addictive and commonly abused opioid. People from all socioeconomic classes abuse heroin. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that nearly 5.1 million people used heroin in 2015. Heroin abuse is a disorder of epidemic proportions. The greatest increase in heroin use between 2001 and 2013 occurred in white […]

711, 2018

What is an Alcohol Abuser?

Drinking alcohol in excess or as a way to cope with stressors or avoid problems can lead to dependence and then addiction. Nearly 14 million people—more men than women—in the United States are dependent on alcohol or have alcohol problems.

Alcohol-use disorder or alcoholism is when alcohol use becomes excessive and leads to significant impairment or […]

3110, 2018

Schizophrenia in Children

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that manifests with strange or bizarre thinking, sight or sound perceptions, bland emotion and dissociation from reality. There Is a generic component but it is triggered by environmental factors, such as drug use and stress. Children who experience psychosis often can’t tell if something is real or not real. It […]

2310, 2018

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anorexia nervosa is a complex psychological disorder typically affecting young people between the ages 15 and 18. It has been shown to be inherited from parents in about 70% cases. Personality traits, such as perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and obsessive thoughts may predispose patients to it. Other predisposing factors are also implicated, such as having a […]

1910, 2018

Making Use of the Alternative Addiction Therapy and Treatment

Alternative Addiction Therapy and Treatment, in recent years, have led to addiction rehabilitation programs that incorporate alternative therapies to heal addicts and help them develop long-term sobriety.  Some programs still incorporate the 12 Step Program while others use alternative programs to address the underlying causes of addiction without the 12 Step Plan. Alternative addiction rehabilitation […]

1010, 2018

Holistic Rehabilitation for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Holistic Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction is a new age approach that aims to heal the body, mind, and spirit while detoxing. It uses homeopathic therapies along with teaching new coping skills to remain free of drugs and alcohol. It is based on the idea that our lives, family and other factors contribute to […]

410, 2018

Rehabilitation for Recurring Alcoholism


There are many patients who suffer from alcoholism and some of them continue to suffer from it despite repeated treatments. They are known as chronic relapsers. Their repeated attempts at rehabilitation with short-term benefit, if any, have led to coinage of the term, Revolving door syndrome. This can carry on for years and may lead […]

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