2208, 2018

The Truth About Drug Addiction Disease

Drug addiction might not seem like a medical disease – but it is internationally recognized by major health organization such as the Center for disease control and the United Nations World Health Organisation as a serious and dangerous disease. In fact, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimate that is 1 in 20 […]

1508, 2018

What are the Pros and Cons of Different Substance Abuse Treatment Models?

Addiction is hard. Even with the best intentions, it can feel like nobody is there to guide you on a difficult and testing journey. Luckily there are a number of rehabilitation programmes to choose from. With this, however, comes a difficult choice – which treatment model do I follow? What are the pros and cons […]

708, 2018

How Long Does Drug Detox Take

Addictive substances are everywhere, in fact, many of the pain medications doctors prescribe on the wards are highly addictive and have the same mechanism of action as heroin found on the streets. As such there a number of different substance people can become addicted to. These include:


Opiates like codeine, heroin or fentanyl

2006, 2018

The Neurological Effects of Excessive Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is classified as a central nervous system depressant and results in issues similar to those caused by medications such as tranquilizers, barbiturates, and general anesthetics.
Cognitive changes associated with the intake of alcohol include:

Loss of inhibition
Abnormal thinking
Poor decision-making

Individuals who use alcohol on a recreational basis tend to recover from these effects […]

1306, 2018

Withdrawal Symptoms of a Chronic Alcoholic

When an individual uses alcohol over a long period of time, the body becomes dependent on the substance which means that suddenly stopping the intake of alcohol can lead to the individual experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

If alcohol use is stopped abruptly, the affected individual can develop what is referred to as alcohol withdrawal syndrome and this […]

106, 2018

Know the Negative Effects of Addictive Substances to the Brain and Body

To start with, the definition of the word “addiction” is a fact or condition wherein a certain individual is addicted to a particular substance, activity, or thing. It is also a chronic, relapsing brain condition which is characterized by the compulsive seeking of drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. The brain does all the work […]

2305, 2018

Building a Life After Addiction

When in the midst of an addiction, it can be incredibly difficult to imagine life thereafter. When you are caught up in the grip of an addictive substance, hope can seem a long way off. Yet, it’s there and even in the darkest moments, there is help waiting. Many people who have been addicted to […]

1404, 2018

Why Staying Sober May Be Difficult

If you have struggled with any form of addiction or know someone close to you that has, then, you will understand just how difficult it can be to break away from self-sabotaging behavior patterns. This is not the fault of the person who is addicted, although they may feel guilty when they struggle to remain […]

404, 2018

Does Addiction Rehabilitation Really Work?

Although addiction recovery is a journey that affects people very differently, it’s true to say that a great many people will go on to beat their addiction. Having the right professional support is paramount. If you have concerns about therapy or specialized treatments, understand that success depends on many factors, but it does give everyone […]

104, 2018

Friendships and Addiction – Therapy May Be Your New Support System

An addiction can have an overwhelming effect on your life. But, it affects others too. Close family and friends will also feel the negative aspects of addictive behavior and, there are always consequences if your life starts to spiral out of control. You may think that you are in control of any substance abuse but, […]

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