2105, 2019

Internet Gaming

What substance or behavior springs to mind when you think of the word “addiction?”

Is it heroin? Tobacco? Cocaine? Gambling?

What about Internet Gaming?


Internet gaming is the type of addiction that tests your definition of addictions. Does addiction have to cause symptoms of physical withdrawal when you stop using or abusing the substance or behavior? Or is […]

1605, 2019


Nobody can avoid stress forever. As human beings, anxiety comes with the territory. That’s a fact of life. We can react to stress in various ways. Our bodies invoke a “fight or flight” response that harkens back to our earliest years on the planet. Animals also exhibit “fight or flight” responses when provoked.

Some clinicians call […]

1405, 2019

Excuses for Leaving Rehab

Few people ever say recovering from an addiction is easy. On the other hand, if often feels that just as things are turning around, just when a loved one is finally getting somewhere in recovery, everything unravels. These sudden lapses into bad decisions seem to come out of nowhere. Things were going so great! What […]

705, 2019

What Does It Mean To Be Codependent?

Codependency is a term used to describe a relationship that has become entangled and dysfunctional due to the presence of an addiction. There are many manifestations of codependency, but it is generally considered a condition associated with the non-addicted person in the relationship.

First Things First

This is not technically true. If one person in a relationship […]

105, 2019

Addiction and Brain Chemistry

Addictions, it could be said, are all about finding something pleasurable and seeking to continue with that sense of pleasure even when it becomes self-destructive physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, socially, even spiritually.


In years past, when little was known about brain chemistry and genetics, it was thought that people with addictions were simply making bad choices […]

2504, 2019

Thoughts About The Disease Model for Addictions

The first person or people who described addiction as a disease, more than likely, never heard the end of it.

Thanks, But No Thanks

I imagine people for the rest of their lives ran up to them and confronted them with profound thanks for the life-saving explanation of addiction and for its forgiving stance on what it […]

1604, 2019

Early Recovery

There is no question that addiction recovery is hard work and that most of the relapses back into addictions occurs during the first year or recovery. What, then, can a recovering addict expect in the early stages of breaking free from their old lives? What can they expect in the first year and what can […]

1004, 2019

How To Stage An Intervention

An intervention is a term used by professionals in the field of addiction recovery that refers to an organized, specialized meeting in which family members, friends and concerned acquaintances (such as employers or family physicians) confront an addict with problems the addiction is causing.

Confronting the Addict

The standard concept for an intervention is to confront an […]

2903, 2019

Insights Into Mechanism of Addiction

Addiction can be defined as a state in which an individual engages in compulsive behavior craving for a particular substance or action. The craving leads to reinforcement of the behavior and there is a loss of control over one’s impulse to seek and consume the focus of addiction.


People start taking drugs for various reasons – […]

1003, 2019

What’s New in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Addiction is a social term that is medically called Substance use disorder, which is considered to be a mental health condition. Alcohol dependence is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world and seen as a major public health hazard. It is a serious condition with far-reaching personal, societal and public health […]

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